Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tight Blue Jeans

I gave up on Levi last year. I mean I loved the first distressed ripped pair I bought in NY five years ago. They fit like no ones business! Made memories in those jeans. I continued to buy jeans from the brand...until recently I noticed when worn alot, the jean gets loose around the butt area. Lawd knows I don't want that! I value my ass! But nevertheless...I continued to buy from Levi. About six months ago I got totally committed to leggings/jeggings, and sold all my Levis. Fast forward to we have Levis 535 Leggings. I die. Seriously. Perfect fit, great stretch, and wash. Same ol' Levis. These jeans lift the booty, and make the legs look hot! I wouldn't consider them a "jegging"...just a stretch jean. I am searching now for every wash!

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