Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flat out

I am very picky when it comes to my flats. There are so many ugly ones out. And I am no stranger to spending over $60 for a good pair. came across these Christian Louboutin ones in Neimans. They are the classic ballerina style, which I love, and leather. Only $495. Not bad right? Right? Lol!

Lauryn Hill: Style Idol

Alot of people ask me things like...what inspires me, who are my fav designers, stylists, etc. I usually have obscure answers. I will say that Lauryn Hill has always been a style figure I looked up too. Not only was she unique...but she was lady like, funky, and sexy. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in how good her music is...that we forget she was dope too!

More runway pics from Rock the Red...

Just got more pics in from Red Pumps, Rock the Red event. You all get to see more up close view of some of the dopest looks...

I will take that in Chiffon please...

The spring temps bring on a new warbrobe...and new material. We start to put away the cashmere, knits, heavy cotton, etc. On comes the linen, light cotton, and chiffon! I love these two dresses below because rocking them will make you feel like a star. You won't feel washed away by the occasion drab ish you see at a party. Luv the cuts and light fabric.

Matthew Williamson-$1,099

Mara Hoffman-$420

You can find these looks at Intermix.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rock the RED: Bold. Fashion. Awareness.

Ladies of Red Pump Project

Rock the RED is a celebration of the first anniversary of The Red Pump Project, which was founded in March 2009 to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. This fab fashion show/fundraiser was held on March 25, 2010, in commemoration of annual National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. My girl Jenna, who is part of the organization, asked me and another homie to first we were reluctant, but I am so grateful for the opportunity and experience. We honored Ms. Rae Lewis-Thornton, who has lived with AIDS for almost 20 years. This Diva was definitely worth meeting. We gained so much strength, just being in her presence. I was also blessed to be around so many beautiful black women for a good cause. Below is a few pics from behind the scene at the show...more to come soon.

Lash Line

Move over Great Lash...there is a new mascara in town, and I heard its Wet 'n' Wild. Surprisingly, this brand, that produces some dope finger polishes too, also created a mascara that gives great length. If you're like me, then you hate fucking aroung with fake lashes, so I gotta find an alternative. Wet 'n' Wilds Mega Lash is superb and mad affordable, $1.99-$2.99. Not bad. Give it a try. You can find their products at your local Walgreens, Walmart, or Target.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Shoe game is crazy...the mental asylum looking for me...

Don't you just love some Nicki Minaj? Hahahahahahaha! Anyhoo...for all you Akira fans...they have new shoe crack up for the spring!!!! These were some interesting picks that I thought were sorta dope.

These Vivienne Westwood collabs with Melissa Last Dragon are very odd...yet hot. Made with pvc makes them afforable. Yay!

I love the Seychelles brand. These joints are hot for spring. I can see Prince rocking them. Lol!

Sandals with the extra material around them will be seen alot this summer. So to not look like a big trend or copycat...try to find the dopest pair.

Dressed to Impress

I just adore clothes and if you didn't know. But there is a special place in my heart for a hot dress. Since Spring/Summer temps are around the corner, expect me to post hotness for you girlies. Here are a few...

I love a dress with a dope collar. This is good to transform from winter to spring. And can be worn out chilling with the boo, or at a lounge type venue.

I have a girlfriend that would look fab in this dress. Very summery.

This dress can be worn the first day summer pops...its great on anyone...especially with the right shoe.

All of these pieces can be found at Akira, and is apart of their Black Label collection.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Model in the Mirror

Shout out to my girl Nikki Lynette for showing love on her latest video, "Model in the Mirror". She gave some of her friends shine for being fab. You can catch me in there a couple of times. Dopeness.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lace Panties

I was inspired by the lace nails as seen on the spring runway at Reem Acra and, most recently, the Fall 2010 runway at Tracy Reese. Here's how to give yourself fashionable fingertips in a matter of minutes!

Supplies you will need: Top coat (Sally Hansen), scissors, toothpick, and black lace! The top coat is designed to dry hard and protect your nails from scratches and chips. To ensure the lace adheres to the nails, make sure you use the top coat instead of clear polish.

Step 1: Measure and trim the lace to fit each finger nail.

Step 2: Polish a single layer of top coat.

Step 3: Apply the trimmed lace on top of the wet polish.

Step 4: Firmly press the outer corners of the lace with a toothpick.

Step 5: Let the polish and lace dry for a few minutes.

Step 6: Finish with two more applications of top coat. You're all set.

To complete the look, I styled the uber-fun nails with a Ralph Lauren lace top with wing details and a reconstructed vintage lace skirt.

Courtesy of Trang Huyen(AOL Stylelist)

Obession and Hellz Bellz

This Spring 2010 collection from Hellz Bellz is definitely something to obsess over. It features simple yet modern and unique pieces. I love the detailing and the minimalist coloring. I swear this line was designed with me in mind. Check it out below.


Doodle Pad

I am a certified doodler. I can make a little piece of paper look like a masterpiece. I can fuck up a desk, or bathroom stall. With that being said, I appreciate anything containing graffiti or scribbling. I thought these Vans were adorable. Makes me wanna grab a pen and pad.

Got my Gold watch and my Gold chain...

The older I get the more I respect classic things, because quite frankly...they last in times like this...recession proof. I really been seeing people rock the classic gold watch joints, and I think I am ready to purchase my first gold watch. Nixon has really dope ones...pricey...but dope. I am eyeing the one below, or at least something similar. Ready to get my two step on now.

Nixon 42-20 $450

So much to little time...

For those who read my crap I post...I apologize for not updating my blog frequently. I have been busy trying to plot taking over the world. Hahahahahahahahahha!!! *evil laugh* Please be patient with me and trust I got that fire. Of course, protected with a condom.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want a baby...well a doggy! I may be the last chick on earth to finally get one of these thanks to apartment rules and regulations. Fortunately, I am moving soon, and since I have decided that kids are nowhere in the near future, I want a Yorkie. I have a gazillion names for it, but I'm keeping them secret...just in case someone tries to nab them. I look forward to being a mother soon!

Like a Boy

If you know me...then you know I love to dress like a cute lil boy from time to time...well, this look has been seen on Rihanna,Ciara,and Amber Rose. And may be a hot trend for the spring...stay tuned.